HGV and Diabetes

Unfortunately the sedentary lifestyle coupled with the tendancy to over-eat easy foods means diabetes is a common illness in truck drivers.

This is one of the important issues that must be considered in a HGV medical.

Testing for diabetes is not a mandatory part of an HGV medical ( see D4 form ) however in my opinion it should be, especially in people where it might reasonably be considered to be likely.

What is diabetes?

Who is likely to become diabetic?

How can diabetes be dignosed?

How can diabetes be prevented? (Especially in truck drivers)

How can diabetes be managed?

Can you drive HGV with diabetes?

Rules for driving HGV with diabetes

Blood sugar monitoring HGV drivers

Best medication combinations to avoid the need for BM monitoring

Frequently asked questions:

Can you drive with type 2 diabetes?

Can you drive with type 1 diabetes?

Can a diabetic drive a hgv?

Can a diabetic get a hgv licence?