HGV Medical FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Q –At what age do I need an HGV medical examination?
On application, then at age 45 and every 5 years until age 65. After age 65 it is annually.

Q — What do you test for on the urine dipstick?
Not drugs! – The test is to look for sugar.

Q — Who decides if I pass / fail?
DVLA medical officer.

Q — Can I drive HGV after an heart attack?
You must tell the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) about any heart conditions.
Your licence will be suspended for at least six weeks. You must have made a substantial recovery to good fitness and must pass an exercise ECG test.

Q — Can I drive HGV if my diabetes is treated with insulin?
Yes – as long as it is well managed. Here’s a quote from DVLA – you can keep a licence if:

You have had no episode of hypoglycaemia
requiring the assistance of another
person has occurred in the preceding
12 months

You have full awareness of

You Regularly monitor blood glucose at
least twice daily and at times
relevant to driving, (no more than 2
hours before the start of the first
journey and every 2 hours while
driving) using a glucose meter with
a memory function to measure and
record blood glucose levels. More
frequent testing may be required if
for any reason there is a greater
risk of hypoglycaemia for
example after physical activity or
altered meal routine, At the annual
examination by an independent
Consultant Diabetologist, 3 months
of blood glucose readings must be

You are advised to use a modern blood
glucose meter which has a memory

You must demonstrate an understanding
of the risks of hypoglycaemia
There must be no other debarring
complications of diabetes such as a visual
field defect.
If meets the medical standards a 1 year
licence will be issued.

Q — How many new HGV group 2 licences are applied for each year?
According to DVLA: During the financial year 2013/14, DVLA received 48,339 applications for Vocational
First Provisional Licences. In addition to this, 13,953 drivers applied to exchange a
foreign Group 2 licence for a UK licence.